Here Are Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.

We’ve listed some of the questions we get most and their answers below.  If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us!

What is the cancellation policy?2022-04-20T08:47:49-07:00

We ask that you give us at least a 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you are unable to give us advanced notice, we do charge a $35 cancellation or no-show fee.

How often should I follow up?2022-04-20T08:47:24-07:00

We like to schedule your first follow-up within 1 week of your initial visit. After that, we recommend patients follow up every couple of weeks. You and your dietitian can make a plan that works for you, factoring in your health concerns, finances, scheduling, etc.

What happens during the first visit?2022-04-20T08:47:06-07:00

Your first visit with your dietitian will be 90 minutes long, and follow-up visits will be 60 minutes. You are the expert on your own body, and we believe it’s essential to thoroughly investigate your health history before we start making recommendations for your future. Your dietitian will review your intake form and ask some follow-up questions. Then, you’ll set one or two small goals together and make a plan to follow up next week. This initial visit is an introduction, a first step. While you won’t walk away with all the answers on day one, you and your dietitian will start to identify a personalized plan that will guide the following visits.

What to expect before your first visit:2022-04-20T08:46:47-07:00

We will give you a call to schedule your first appointment with us, but if we don’t catch you at a good time, feel free to call (or text) us back at 503-847-9952, or simply contact us.
Once you’re scheduled, we’ll send you a link to our patient portal. We ask that you fill out a few waivers, and complete a nutrition intake form so that your dietitian can prepare for your visit. If you’ve had recent bloodwork or testing done that you think would be helpful for your dietitian to review, bring printouts, or email documents to support@valeriamallett.com. We also ask that you verify your insurance coverage before your first visit. We know that insurance is confusing and can be stressful. Our Verifying Benefits Questionnaire outlines exactly what to ask your insurance company in order to determine your level of coverage and any financial responsibility you may have. And, if any confusion comes up, we’re here for you.

Where will we meet?2022-04-20T08:44:40-07:00

We are currently seeing patients both virtually and in person. Our offices are located in Tigard, and at the South Tabor Family Physicians clinic near Mill Park on the east side of Portland. We will take into account your dietitian’s location and your schedule to determine the most convenient location for your visits.

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